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Pilegrimer på Dovre
Hiking over the Dovre mountains.
Photo by Rolf Synnes
You can see a lot of the region around Trondheim during a day trip. The coastal areas, mountain ranges and rolling landscape. A simple day trip from Trondheim can offer the best in Norwegian nature.

Trondheim has three large mountain ranges within a few hours' drive. East of Trondheim, Sylane stretches from Tydal and far into Sweden, here you'll find Nesjøen/Essandsjøen one of the richest fishing lakes in Northern Europe.  


South of Trondheim lie the mountain ranges of Trollheimen and Dovre. Oppdal is the largest alpine skiing area in the country, and a good place from which to start mountain hikes. Quaint Røros is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Close to Trondheim is Vassfjellet skiing centre, catering to alpine and telemark skiing as well as snowboarding.

Lysøysund (286 x 190)
Sunset at Lysøysund. Photo by Jørn Adde

The old coastal culture is cherished in central Norway, and the coast is a popular recreational area. The islands of Hitra and Frøya offer beautiful, rugged skerries with great fishing. The Fosen peninsula across the fjord from Trondheim features everything from skerries and quiet fjords to trout lakes and mountain terrain.

Inland region
The vast reaches of forest in the Trøndelag region offer bountiful hunting and fishing. From Trondheim, six classic salmon rivers can be reached by car within the hour: Nidelva, Gaula, Orkla, Stjørdalselva, Stordalselva and Norddalselva.

So let Trondheim be your centre from which you can take day trips to explore nature at its most beautiful and best.  

Visit Trondheim Ltd
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Phone: +47 73 80 76 60
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