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Current time in Trondheim is 23:57
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Fiske i Nidelva
Fishing for salmon downtown Trondheim. Photo by Jørn Adde

Past and present times live together in harmony here. The architecture and the surroundings create a beautiful setting for any outing, should you prefer a guided tour in Nidaros cathedral or a casual stroll through lovely Bakklandet

The boat trip to historical Munkholmen is a good opportunity to view Trondheim from the seaward side, while the view from Tyholt tower (400 ft/120 m) gives you an exquisite panorama of the city and its surroundings.

Choose between a rich variety of historical sights, museums and art galleries - and look forward to an unforgettable experience, should you prefer a guided tour or a stroll on your own.

Click on the links in the right hand column for a brief introduction to some of our tourist attractions. You can also use this interactive map to find your way around. 

The Tourist Information Office will be happy to give you further information.
Church ruins
City Map
City Wall
Images of Trondheim
Kristiansten fortress
Nidaros Cathedral
Old city streets
Ringve Museum
Stiftsgården - the Royal Residence
Sverresborg - Trøndelag Folk Museum
The Archbishop's Palace
The bicycle lift
The Old Town Bridge
The Royal Regalia Exhibition
The skeletons in the library
The Wharves
Torvet - Market Square
Tyholt Tower
Vår Frue Kirke
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