Art at Åsheim Secondary School

Artists: Lars Fiske: ’Ny fane’; Ole Martin Lund Bø: ‘Fragile’; Mikal Christos Hafsahl: ‘Mouse morning memories’ 2005. Art consultants: Jostein Kirkerud & Per Henrik Svalastog.
Ole Martin Lund Bø’s work of art at Åsheim lower secondary school is a reminder of young people’s need for safety and protection. The artist has inscribed the English word ‘fragile’ in the playground area. This simple word serves as a useful reminder both for the adults who are there to take care of the adolescents in the school and for the young people themselves, about their responsibility for their own lives as well as of others. Lars Fiske’s contribution was a suggestion for a new logo for the school. The 3 x 2 m painted banner ‘Ny fane’ (‘New banner’) has youthful speed and dynamics as well as a cartoon-like line. The third artist represented at the school is Mikal Christos Hafsahl from Studio Ludo in Stavanger, who has supplied a series of football-based pictures for use in several rooms. Alternating between themes from everyday life and cartoon-like mice, the pictures offer surprising impressions and variations.