Art at Åsvang School

Artists: Annika Borg: ‘Spille-rom’; Espen Gangvik: ‘Ascending, Descending, Transcending’ 2004/2005. Art consultant: Torhild Aukan.
Espen Gangvik’s contribution to the public art project at Åsvang School is an outdoor steel sculpture mounted on a wall that is visible from both the playground and the road running past the school. As is often the case with Gangvik, his sculpture is a geometrical construction with right angles that makes it reminiscent of a staircase. The title ‘Ascending, Descending, Transcending’ supports this impression. In addition to up-and-down movement, the title also suggests a figurative meaning to mull over. The sculpture consists of two more or less identical elements. It has been painted in blue and mounted on a wall with a slight clearance, the resulting shadow-effect enhances the impression of three-dimensionality. Inside the building, Annika Borg has utilised a wall for her picture installation ‘Spille-rom’, where the circular and quadratic shapes of the pictures, as well as their simple expression, are reminiscent of both balls and cubes, i.e. physical objects connected to playing.
Affluent Pig
Artist: Øyvind Åstein (1981).
This sculpture, made for the centennial of Åsvang School, stands on "Grishaugen" (Pig Hill), which is just behind the school. Åstein's style is to make clean figures with no unnecessary detail. Through the years he has worked much with animal motifs, preferably animals not often found in art. His sculptures are often satirical and critical of society. This sculpture’s title may refer to society’s overconsumption of resources.