Art at Charlottenlund Lower Secondary School

Artists: Bjørn Bjarre: ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’; Hermann Isaksen: U.T.; Bo Krister Wallström & Øivin Horvei: ‘Mastertile’ 2005. Art consultants: Pia Skog & Per Henrik Svalastog.
Bjørn Bjarre’s humorous stencil graffiti ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’ at Charlottenlund lower secondary school has a simple line and clear expression. The artist’s use of 88 Skoler | Schools 89 humour and surrealism has been a characteristic feature of his drawings and sculptures. In his public art project at Charlottenlund, the text ‘I love/hate school’ can be read on 250 coffee mugs, together with an illustration of a heart and skull.
For a number of years Hermann Isaksen has consistently been keeping up the tradition of metal graphics in Trondheim. A large graphic work on a wall in the canteen consists of prints of considerable height, put together in a rhythmic series.
Bo Krister Wallström and Øivin Horvei bring bright colours into the school with their joint work in tiles placed in two of the school’s sections, as well as comments relating to them in an adjoining room. The two main works are mosaics measuring 2 x 6 m, using 12,000 ceramic tiles of varying sizes. The mosaics create abstract figurations in a variety of colourful themes and nuances, thus mixing graffiti and traditional mosaics.
Artist: Nelly Hansen (1965).
The sculpture is named after Charlotte Voigt, the daughter of shipwright Michael Voigt. He established a shipyard. From 1858, he lived on the property, which was named after his daughter, who died at a young age. In spite of its simplicity, the sculpture has some powerful effects on the viewer. Hansen was faithful to the classic ideals and maintained a naturalistic style. Her works focus on depicting women and children, although she also made some animal sculptures. She was born in Trondheim, where she started her art training, but she continued her career in Paris and Oslo.