Art at Dalgård School

Artist: Erika Hauffen 2005. Art consultant: Annika Borg.
As her contribution for Dalgård School, Erika Hauffen has selected the well-known and much-loved literary universe of Selma Lagerlöf’s ’The Wonderful Adventures of Nils’, which can be found in the school amphitheatre. The artistic solution is a concrete one, where a wall is covered by a large photo, providing a bird’s-eye view of a landscape. In front of the photo, up under the ceiling, one can find a hanging installation of geese. The picture on the wall is in black-and-white, which, with its soft tones, renders an almost fairytale-like impression – a result of the artist’s characteristic use of a primitive photo technique, namely a pinhole camera.
Nusse on a rocking horse
Artist: Astrid Dahlsveen (1981).
Dahlsveen works in a slightly simplified naturalistic form, often with groups featuring children and young people. She was born at Strinda in Trondheim and still lives in Trøndelag. Dahlsveen was educated at the academies of art in Oslo and the Netherlands. Her production is not comprehensive, but her compositions have well-designed proportions and a lovely interplay of rhythms.