Art at Lilleby School

Artist: Merete Morgenstierne. Title: ‘Bjørn og flere andre’, ‘Beltedyr med flere hoder’ 2013. Art consultant: Anne Helga Henning.
Near the entrance at Lilleby Primary, stands Merete Morgenstierne’s large bronze sculpture ‘Bjørn og flere andre’ (“Bear and many others”). The protective animal is a recurring figure in Morgenstierne’s art, popping up in different contexts and variations. At Lilleby, the bear provides a sense of security for those who pass through the gate. Someone sees you as you come in, cares about you and watches over you. In the schoolyard, ‘Beltedyr med flere hoder’ (“Multi-headed Armadillo”) joins in the many games the children play. The “armadillo” is the main element of this low, but stretched-out bronze sculpture. He has extra heads on his back and he pulls a little cart filled with smaller creatures who evidently take great pleasure in the ride. In other words, the bigger ones help the little ones at Lilleby Primary.