Art at Nyborg School

Artists: Solrun Rones: ‘Song til gleda’, ‘Song frå hjarte til hjarte’, ‘Der fuglar flyg’, ‘Seier’ ; Anne Helga Henning: ‘Hva er det som går og går? 2005. Art consultant: Jan Eirik Evjen.
Solrun Rones selected the gymnasium as the venue for her art work at Nyborg School. With a series of nine paintings, all measuring 1 x 1 m, she has filled the 21 m long wall in the room. The wall is 8 m high, and the pictures are hanging halfway up the wall, so that they are well within reach of balls in PE lessons. However, the artist has had the frames specially constructed to endure rough treatment, and the canvases have been glued onto 4 mm thick, reinforced wooden boards. The quadratic shape of the pictures, the energetic brush strokes and varied use of colours all combine to create a rhythm that goes in all directions and thus becomes a dynamic element in a room characterised by speed and movement. The nine pictures are placed in groups of three along the long wall, using colours associated with spring, summer and winter, respectively.
In addition to the pictures in the gymnasium, Rones has painted an almost 3 m high picture, which is placed in the entrance hall, as well as an oval picture situated on the stairway between the school building and the rooms used for the after-school facilities.
In the outdoor area, Anne Helga Henning has made her mark with an installation created from steel objects. A pipe sticks out of the ground like a periscope from the inner Earth. From the pipe, sounds may be heard and on closer inspection the sounds turn out to be jokes, stories and songs produced by the pupils themselves, in combination with various sounds from the natural world. Next to the pipe, a ‘snake’ wriggles, making up a multitude of shapes. The head is turned towards the magnificent view, with a green light diode for its eye. On the back of the creature rests a blue, fictional animal with a lynx-like body shape.