Art at Rosenborg School

Artists: Heidi Wexelsen Goksøyr: ‘Kaleidoskop’, ‘Himmelrom’ og ‘Air’; Bo Bisgaard & Inghild Karlsen: ‘Fantasier i rom’ 2010. Kunstneriske konsulenter/art consultants: Nina Gresvig & Edith Lundebrekke.
Bo Bisgaard and Inghild Karlsen have made a range of sculptures and large-scale paintings in the main hall at the new buildings of Rosenborg School. The two artists have intentionally created a work that is visible from the outside during the winter months when the daylight hours are short and darkness falls early. Their joint contribution can be found on all three floors and it has a vertical axis, consisting of photo-based paintings on the wall in the entrance area and on the staircase, in addition to hanging, shining sculptures on every floor. The paintings displayed in the entrance area have a huge format, almost 9 m wide. With their choice of colour and theme, the artists hoped to give an impression of lightness and optimism. The viewer may find associations with elements of the sky as well as nature both above and below water. The colours are youthful and ‘pop-inspired’. Such features also describe the 15 sculptures. The five largest are a little over a metre high and have been cast in plastic material with coloured pigments and illuminated by internal light fixtures. Thus, the sculptures turn into shining objects, which can be dimmed as required. The colour of the sculpture is an intense orange. Heidi Wexelsen Goksøyr’s pictures are also large-scale, and dress the arched walls of the various sections of the school. In each section there is a series of photos with a specific theme. One series consists of pictures depicting synchronised swimmers in different formations. In the other series there is no corresponding order and symmetry; rather, the eyes turn to the clouds that tower like huge white shapes against a blue sky.