Art at Sjetne School

'Mose'. Artist: Inge Pedersen 2006. Art consultant: Ingun Myrstad.
The use of ceramics is more and more favoured in outdoor art projects. In Sjetne School this was demonstrated when Inge Pedersen made seats on a staircase located between the upper and lower levels on the west side of the school, an area where the sun warms the corner of the building in the afternoon. The work of art consists of 12 cubes with a ceramic surface, distributed on all levels of the broad and large 10-step stairway. The surface, including the top and four sides of each cube, has been meticulously decorated in intricate, painted lattice patterns. The ornaments fixed to each cube resemble the others, but none are identical. The colour has been varied carefully, using a range of nuances in yellow and green.