Art at Skjetlein vgs

Artist: Marko Vuokola. Title: ‘Waterfall (Sharpen)’ 2013. Art consultant: Ellen Reksterberg.
Finnish artist Marko Vuokola used a photograph of the large waterfall Svøufossen in Sunndalen as a starting point for his artwork adorning the feature wall in the canteen in the new build at Skjetlein Upper Secondary School. ‘Waterfall (Sharpen)’ depicts the cascading water as a frozen movement, zoomed in digitally to a universe of millions of pixels. In preparation for the finished artwork, 18 of the 39 million pixels were selected to be shown as individual pictures. They are mounted together in a vertical pattern on the tall canteen wall. A picture of the waterfall the way it is seen and experienced in the landscape, can be seen on another wall in the same room.
Vuokola lives in Helsinki, where he works with photo and video, and creates objects – a natural artistic outlet for a trained sculptor.
In addition to Vuokola’s images on the feature wall, the school has acquired seven large-scale colour photographs by Merete Morgenstierne, most of which measure 1 x 1 metres and feature motifs from the artist’s private garden.