Art at Strindheim School

Artists: Annika Borg: ‘Underfundig grønn (forgreninger)’; Erik Joung: ‘Passasje’; Anne Kvam: ‘Spiral’; Børre Larsen: ’Gaffelg’; Erlend Leirdal: U.T.; mfl. 2004/2005. Art consultant: Beret Aksnes.
Børre Larsen is well-known for his sculptural sense of humour, which is present in abundance at Strindheim School. As the Norwegian name suggests, ‘Gaffelg’ (‘Forkelk’) is a combination of a fork and an elk. A hopeful yellowhammer peeps through the hole of a ring-binder and looks for the chaffinch. In addition, a plane has wedged itself into the construction like a highly unwelcome intruder in a birdcage. Anne Kvam’s colourful spiral, made from fabric, hangs airily above a high staircase. Annika Borg’s wall-work ‘Underfundig grønn’ consists of small and large picture surfaces assembled to form a more or less cross-shaped installation. Erik Joung’s picture formats are consistently small, but easily visible all the same, placed on the high wall on the stairs adjacent to the gymnasium. Joung’s pictures are metal plate figures, spread high and low on the white wall, and work as a whole composition and installation.