Art at Thora Storm vgs

Artists: Tone Myskja. Title: ‘Ning’ 2015 Johannes Høie. Title: … 2015 Johannes Borchgrevink Hansen, Marthe Karen Kampen. Title: … 2015. Art consultants: Torhild Aukan, Reidun Bull-Hansen.
The art project at the new Thora Storm Upper Secondary School is threefold. The largest commission spreads across an external end wall at the entrance towards Suhms gate, and also on the corresponding wall towards Bispegata and continues into the canteen. In total, this amounts to significant wall space, measuring 6.6 x 5.5 metres at the main entrance, 2.7 x 9.4 metres in the canteen area; split between an interior part measuring 6.4 metres in length, and an exterior part measuring 2.7 metres. Tone Myskja was commissioned to do this work after submitting work to a closed competition. Her video work, ‘Ning’, is inspired by author David Grossman, who has a particular interest in the energy present in a flock of birds or a shoal of fish. In Myskja’s art, this concept has been transferred to the quick impulses that fill the youths’ lives, expressed through a myriad of names, letters and words in a constantly changing pattern and wave-like movements.
Tone Myskja was born and raised in Trondheim, and currently lives in Oslo. She mainly works with video art, often in a sculptural sense in room installations, and sometimes in dramatic art. In later years, she has worked on commissions for architecturally integrated work, most recently at the IT building at the University of Oslo.
The second public art commission at Thora Storm adorns the end wall of the school’s amphitheatre, a concrete wall measuring 2.8 metres. This commission was assigned to drawing artist Johannes Høie, who has distinguished himself over a number of years with his large-scale figurative, complex and often burlesque drawings. The drawing works as a feature wall for the amphitheatre’s “stage”.
The third project is the reworking of the stone amphitheatre in the school’s outdoor area. Johannes Borchgrevink Hansen was assigned as the main artist, in collaboration with Marthe Karen Kampen. The two young artists are both based in Austmarka, Hedmark. They have previously worked on a similar collaborative art project commissioned by Hamar Culture House.