Art - Byåsen vgs

Artists: Kari Elise Mobeck: ‘Refleksjon’; Pål Bøyesen: ‘Meteor’; Gilles Berger: Uten tittel 1; Beret Aksnes: ‘e, pi og phi’; Anne Knutsen: ‘Kobberteppet’ ; Erik Joung: ‘Passasje, himmel og skygger’; Lars Paalgard & Even Westvang: ‘Nomen Nominandum’; Ingunn Utsi: ‘Søyla – I menneskestavens verden’; Terje Roaldkvam: Uten tittel 2004. Art consultants: Edith Lundebrekke & Jan Eirik Evjen.
The works of art found in the outdoor area of Byåsen upper secondary school are striking, and have become an attraction not only for the school but also for the entire district of city known as Byåsen. In the open space in front of the entrance facing south is Kari Elise Mobeck’s creation, an original fountain, where fragments of gigantic ‘turbine pipes’ emerge from the ground in the middle of the school’s outdoor area, and then spread from two directions into a pool. This technical work of art is easily associated with the school’s orientation towards practical subjects, a theme also taken up by a couple of the other public art projects displayed at the school. Outside the section for mechanics to the south there is Gilles Berger’s intricate ‘scrap iron sculpture’. A third technical work of art can be found to the north of the building, in the shape of Pål Bøyesen’s ‘meteor’, with its glowing light and crackling sound.
On a high wall inside the building, hangs Anne Knutsen’s 9 m high copper textile. Each new angle provides the viewer with visual variation. In the library, Terje Roaldkvam allows the viewer to see the whole colour spectrum in his large quadratic wood reliefs. Beret Aksnes gives visual images of Pi and other mathematical concepts, whilst Lars Paalgard and Even Westvang have created their own screen-saving programme for the school, using computer-modelled 3D objects. For the art, craft and design section of the school, Erik Joung inspires the pupils with inlaid works of art located on walls and ceilings, whilst Ingunn Utsi has allowed her green wood reliefs to expand upwards on almost 15 m high columns in the hall just inside the main entrance.