Art in Stabbursmoen School

Artist: Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik. Title: ‘Glede og trivsel’ 1986, rehabilitert/rehabilitated 2010. Art consultants: Annika Borg, Sissel M. Bergh
In the courtyard at Stabbursmoen Primary and Lower Secondary School, Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik’s bronze sculpture spreads joy and contentment like never before. With great joy and zest for life, the little boy has been dancing gleefully in the spouting water from the fountain through many a summer. However, there was still room for an even more joyous atmosphere around the fountain. A new aesthetic quality was therefore added to the artwork, in the shape of a small, intimate cobblestone circus with benches, inviting the passers-by to relax for a moment and take it all in. Tore Bjørn Skjølsvik is a veteran within Norwegian sculpture, and his style is firmly set in the figurative tradition. A large number of his sculptures are dotted around public spaces all over the country, as memorials and monuments, for example the Cissi Klein memorial at Museumsplass in Trondheim. Skjølsvik lived in Trøndelag – in Bjugn and Trondheim – before settling in Oslo in the 1990s.