Art in Tilfredshet Churchyard, Memorial

Artist: Oddvar I.N. Daren 2008. Art consultant: Annika Borg.
The memorial gardens in Tilfredshet Churchyard occupy the lower plateau, where the River Nidelva flows past a small wood. There are fewer trees to the south, and the view opens up to the river and the high skyline to the west. On this spot Oddvar Daren has created his work of art for the new area of urns. Three curved walls made from concrete form the contours, and give a house-like sense to the area. The area is an invitation to meditation, with its concentrated view towards an open sky and its incessantly running water. A similar gliding movement can be traced in the walls, with their slanting, glittering strips of gold leaf inserted into the concrete. Reflexes are created, shimmer and then fade all in the course of one day and are reminiscent of the eternal course of nature itself. Via a vertical opening in the south-east facing wall, a strip of light is let into the room, outlining long and short, and strong and diffused patterns, according to the time of day and year. On the exterior of each of the three wall constructions nameplates have been inserted, 30 on each wall, 90 in total. Each nameplate refers to one or more of the areas of urns. The slope towards the river has been cultivated as a park, and a path through this area leads to a plateau by the river, where a bench has been placed. This is a place where one can peacefully sit and watch the river and enjoy the surroundings.