Art at Dragvoll Nursing Home and Day Centre

Artists: Markus Lantto. Title: ‘Volumbeholder’ 2014 Anne-Helga Henning. Title: ‘Capras skog’, ‘Skrinet’ 2014. Art consultants: Liv Lundebrekke, Karianne Stensland, Morten Egstad.
On an open plot of land outside Dragvoll Nursing Home and Day Centre, Markus Lantto has turned up the volume and sends out a clear message. His outdoor sculpture ‘Volumbeholder’ is not only large and imposing, but also bright yellow, its shape easily associated with sound. It features a flared “horn”, like on an old-fashioned gramophone, and it is up to the viewer to imagine which tunes and melodies it is playing. A perforated “lacework” at the end of the horn suggests, perhaps, that the music is in an old, nostalgic and low key style to please the residents and users of the nursing home and day centre. Or is it perhaps their voice we can hear? Behind its old-fashioned shape and retrospective exterior, the sculpture has a strong and self-asserting air. It looks old, but it is worth listening to it. Placed next to an institution for the elderly, this obviously carries significant symbolic value.
Inside the day centre, Anne Helga Henning has created ‘Capras skog’ (“Capra’s forest”) on a wall in one of the communal areas, with stylised trees, drawn or in paper collage. Her other work, ‘Skrinet’ (“The box”) is an activity box with a built-in board game. The box is made from birch veneer, which has been painted and stained, with a felt clad interior. It contains pawns and synthetic felt mats. There are game instructions inset on the inside of the lid.