Art in Byneset Health and Welfare Centre

Artists: Beret Aksnes: ‘Jordblå tavle’; Jon Gundersen: ‘Att o fram’; Johan Sager: ‘Rikke 19/22/3’; Barbro Maria Tiller: ‘Det var en stille sommernatt’ 2003/2004. Art consultant: Annika Borg.
In front of the entrance, Jon Gundersen’s sculpture welcomes visitors to Byneset Health and Welfare Centre. It has been roughly carved from stone, with shining polished surfaces, and looks like it has been collected from the realm of fables. With a head at both ends of the sculpture, it has the appearance of both entering and leaving the place. In this manner, the sculpture mirrors the constant activity in this part of the building. Another sculpture is by Beret Aksnes in the shape of a pure, simple, rectangular, high and free-standing textile form. ‘Det var en stille sommernatt’ (‘It was a quiet summer’s night’) is the title of Barbro Maria Tiller’s contribution to the interior surroundings. These narrative keywords have been used on a picture frieze on the upper part of long wall of one of the main day rooms in the building. The visual narrative, displayed in the artist’s simple, child-like lines, consists of well-known elements such as a fox, spruce trees and houses. The figurative images, created by the Swedish artist Johan Sager, provide sharp lines on a white background.