Art in Kystad Health and Welfare Centre

Artists: Per Lysgaard: ‘Kaktus’; Anne Helga Henning: ‘Oppe i lufta, inne i skogen og nede ved vannet’; Eli Hovdenak; Kiki Prydz Wilhelmsen 2004/2005. Art consultant: Brit Dyrnes.
The ceramic artist Per Lysgaard is known for his applied ceramics in his shop in Røros. At Kystad, he has given his imagination free rein when creating several large free-standing, imaginative objects. The artist has freely and humorously conjured up organic forms such as plants and animals, as displayed by the south-facing 3 m high sculpture ‘Kanin med tre ører’ (‘Rabbit with three ears’). Towards the west, three cactus-shaped sculptures stand in a row in the garden. Exterior public art made from ceramics is an uncommon sight in Norway, in contrast to countries such as Denmark. Lysgaard has nevertheless demonstrated that the material copes with the rough Norwegian climate. To endure the wear and tear of Norwegian weather conditions, he has applied several layers of slip and an outer layer of glaze to the stoneware. The playfulness of the outside area is repeated in Eli Hovdenak’s interior graphics. Over a number of years, Hovdenak has used simple means to create brilliant situational comedy that often has a thought-provoking inner action and meaning to it. Anne Helga Henning’s drawings also have a playful theme. In the vestibule, Kiki Prydz Wilhelmsen has given the Centre embroidered work with flowers in golden colours.