Art in Munkvoll Health and Welfare Centre

Artists: Marit Akslen: U.T.; Ulla-Mari Brantenberg: ‘Blått lys’; Morten Egstad: ‘Benk’ 2004. Art consultant: Axel Becker.
Glass and woodwork are essential materials for artistic expression at Munkvoll Health and Welfare Centre. Outside the main entrance, Morten Egstad’s enormous wooden bench is readily visible in the vestibule area, invitingly soft in its form and anatomically comfortable to boot. In the corridor/entrance area, Ulla-Mari Brantenberg’s east- and west-facing glass walls are equally visible from the interior and exterior of the building. Several of the high glass surfaces have beautiful flower themes, whereas other windows have single-coloured glass of a varied palette. In the vestibule, Marit Akslen’s partition contains strongly-coloured, round, crocheted patches, united in a regular pattern with steel wire.