Art in Tempe Health and Welfare Centre

Artists: Anne Berit Nedland: ‘Balansekunst’ (Torget) & ‘Løype’; Merete Morgenstierne: ‘Løvetann med frø’ & ‘Kanne og blomsterpotte’; Torhild Aukan: ‘Barn I’ & ‘Barn II’; Helena Kive: U.T. 2002/2003. Art consultant: Leiken Vik.
In the spacious courtyard at Tempe, Anne Berit Nedland’s bronze sculpture ‘Balansegang’ (‘Balancing act’) takes pride of place: three female figures with African features, each with an object attached to her head. On the adjacent outer wall, her sculptural public art work continues with three bronze reliefs, all with human and animal figures full of action and movement. A fourth work of art has been inserted in the wall just around the corner, in the direction of the inviting garden, where three bronze frogs sit croaking from their position on the stones, placed along the artificial stream that meanders through lush greenery to a quiet pond. The garden is huge and hides another artist, Merete Morgenstierne, who has exploited nature’s own lush materials in interaction with her sculptures. The realistic, painted metal sculpture ‘Løvetann med frø’ (‘Dandelion with seed head’), has been encircled by latticework, the latter serving as a climbing wall for living plants in the garden. Inside the building, the organic forms are repeated by Helena Kive’s large black line drawings on white walls, depicting trees. Torhild Aukan uses children as a theme in her photo-based imprints in blue tone on plate.