Art in Tiller Health and Welfare Centre

Artists: Olav Ringdal: ‘Sola’ (wall relief) & ‘The tiger leap’ (painting); Jan-Erik Beck: ‘Chandelier’ (canteen) & ‘Traps’ (street) 2003. Art consultant: Leiken Vik.
At Tiller Health and Welfare Centre, Olav Ringdal has made a sun out of large yellow jigsaw pieces, placed on a wall in an open indoor landscape. The sun shines and spreads warmth and happiness throughout the year and in all weathers. Situated on an opposite wall is another similar-sized jigsaw work of art. Through the latter, titled ‘Tigerspranget’ (‘The tiger leap’) the artist has endeavoured to bring energy and exuberance, by using red with dynamic movements. Ringdal’s large, geometrical painting is striking and independent in its calmness and stability, and serves as a contrast to ‘The tiger leap’. The other art in this nursing home is from Jan-Erik Beck, whose glass and metal sculptures are suspended from the canteen ceiling and adjoining area. The two chandelier-like objects are assembled from mouth-blown glass balls and rolled steel plates. In the main corridor, the materials are composed of bended and welded steel bars, clad in nylon/polyester.