Art in Brannhaugen Kindergarten

‘Fantasi’. Artist: Ansgar Ole Olsen 2009. Art consultant: Bjørg Nyjordet.
The kindergarten was established in autumn 2009, and the first children there were allowed to help the artist Ansgar Ole Olsen to finish the work of art. Plates of assorted materials, colours and sizes were assembled and mounted on the tall south-facing wooden fence, creating a large picture. At first glance, the picture does not seem to represent anything in particular, yet on closer inspection various figures emerge. To some, fantasy animals can be discerned. On the wall by the entrance to the two sections in the kindergarten, the figures are clear and distinct. Sections, teams and rooms in the kindergarten have taken their names from the Leirelva river and a quarry, both of which are located near the kindergarten. The artist has installed large, framed peepholes – ‘portholes’ – in the fence facing the river and other parts of the surrounding area.