Art in Granåsen Kindergarten

Artist: Tor Lindrupsen. Title: ‘Alle årets dager’ 2016. Art consultant: Ståle Sørensen

Granåsen Kindergarten is situated right opposite the ski jump at Granåsen ski centre, solidifying the kindergarten’s identity as an active and sporty place. Normally, the winter and the ski season last a long time here, and Tor Lindrupsen’s artistic project is clearly inspired by this. His sculptures of a snowman and a snowball show his starting point was in winter and winter games. The snowman stands 2 metres tall, is sculpted in light coloured granite from Rennebu, and is of course placed in his natural habitat outdoors. Along with two other sculptures made from the same granite, the snowman forms a triangle in the playground. The second, and just as wintry, sculpture is a large, round ball, which can easily be associated with a huge snowball made by the children. However, winter subsides in Granåsen too, and both the snowman and the snowball melt away eventually. This is depicted in Tor Lindrupsen’s third sculpture, a large rectangular boulder with a hole in the shape of the snowman. The airy gap in the boulder makes clear associations to winter games and serves as a reminder of the transitoriness of snow and the turns of the seasons through “all the days of the year”.