Art in Hårstad Kindergarten

Artists: Bjørg Nyjordet, Magnar Gilberg. Title: ‘Glassportal’ 2011. Art consultant: Anne Marie Hagerup.

There is a house with no roof, but with walls of glass and narrow corridors twisting and turning between the tall, shiny walls. From inside the world looks so different through the thick glass, which shimmers in its own blue and green colours. It almost feels like you are trapped in a mountain of glass, but you can easily get out. It is exciting to look in from the outside too. Faces look so funny through this glass! Bjørg Nyjordet and Magnar Gilberg have created their transparent glass brick installation in a harmony of colours, reflections and light. Some of the glass bricks have drawings by the children etched into them, marking the kindergarten’s proud ownership of the bright, shiny artwork framed in steel. For years, artist couple Nyjordet and Gilberg from Mære have been known for using and upcycling objects and materials in new, original ways. They have made an installation in Trondheim previously, in Utleir Kindergarten; a large “globe” built from small wooden elements. Like this installation, ‘Glassportal’ is clearly visible to anyone walking past the kindergarten.