Art in Haukåsen Outdoor Kindergarten

Artists: Bjørn Hegardt, Theo Ågren. Title: ‘Det voksende hus – av små frø blir det store tre’ 2014. Art consultants: Ellen Sofie Griegel, Kjersti Berg.

At Haukåsen Kindergarten, Bjørn Hegardt and Theo Ågren have built a new house. However, it looks like it has sunken into the ground, because only the roof and the chimney are visible. There is smoke coming out of the chimney, so there must be somebody home down there. In the winter, when the ground is covered in ice or snow, it looks like the house is almost completely buried in the snow. There is still smoke coming out from the chimney, though, so the people who live there must be cosy and warm. The grey slate roof conjures up an effective illusion, because it really looks like there is an entire house underneath the ground, with doors and windows, living room and kitchen, adults and children. The chimney is real enough, made from bricks whereas the “smoke” rising from it is made from an acrylic modified cement composition on a core of polystyrene. Bjørn Hegardt and Theo Ågren have been collaborating for more than 15 years, on a number of installations. A common feature for these installations is moving objects and staged situations in which the action or the narrative is paused at a certain point.