Art in Klæbuveien Kindergarten

Artist: Peder Istad 2008. Art consultants: Marius Amdam & Kjersti Berg.
In the outdoor area of Klæbuveien kindergarten the children have the company of four round invitingly shaped granite sculptures. Each sculpture is glued together by multicoloured stone discs, creating a play of colours which change with the weather. Peder Istad, from the town of Molde, has created the sculptures with balls balancing on the top of nut-shaped stones, thus presenting a kind of balancing trick and mimicking the way children would build a ‘tower’ and defy the force of gravity. The fourth and final work in this collection of public art is a single ball on the ground that looks like it is part of a collapsed tower. In the kindergarten, however, everything is firm and will stand up to rough play, as there is an iron rod through the entire sculpture attached to a solid concrete foundation. With this installation, Istad has tried to create a visual bridge between the building and a playground made from boulders. One of the sculptures is illuminated in the dark, making it easy to find one’s way.