Art in Kolsås Kindergarten

Artist: Espen Dietrichson. Title: ‘Speilportal’ 2010. Media: Tre, glass, stål/Wood, glass, steel. Art consultant: Karianne Stensland.
Kolsås Kindergarten is situated high up on a hill, with splendid south facing views. Espen Dietrichson noticed this lovely view of hills and mountains and utilised it in his artwork in the kindergarten. On a little elevated slope behind the main building, he has installed a “telescope” on a rugged stand. The long tube of the telescope is facing the most beautiful southern view. It is tempting for children and adults alike to take a peek and see what the artist has pointed the telescope at, and what he wants people to see. Perhaps unexpectedly, he has not focused on the blue mountains on the horizon, the clouds or the sky. Rather, what can be seen through the tube is a world of its own – a kaleidoscope with many colours and facets. Deconstructing reality is a recurring theme in Espen Dietrichson’s art, whether he is working with drawing and printmaking, or with sculpture. Whereas he interprets nature with his artistic eye at Kolsås, he depicts architecture and other manmade surroundings with his distinct artistic style in other works. Dietrichson was born in Stavanger, grew up in Arendal, and has been based in Oslo for several years.