Art in Kystadåsen Kindergarten

'Underverk'. Artists: Lars Paalgard & Per Jonas Lindström 2008/09. Art consultants: Anette Lund & Pål Bøyesen.
In Kystadåsen kindergarten, Lars Paalgard and Per Jonas Lindström have created an underground fantasy world. Objects pop up through the surface of the playground and through the ceiling in the assembly room. In the latter, the artists have made a reverse relief map depicting the playground, measuring 20 m2 in 1:10 scale. The map creates an illusion of being below the playground, and the fact that tree roots protrude through the ceiling emphasises this impression. In the ceiling, we can see the elements used to secure playground equipment and the lower parts of other outdoor objects found above ground. The presence of treasure chests, fossils, an excavator bucket, and other objects creates a feeling of an underground location below the play area. In conjunction with this work of art, the artists wrote a book, in which they included some of the most significant objects in the narratives and myth-like stories.