Art in Kyvatnet Eco-Kindergarten

Artist: Anders Sletvold Moe 2008. Art consultant: Marit Flåtter.
Outdoor art easily disappears in the Norwegian winter. Kyvatnet Eco-Kindergarten, situated on the edge of Bymarka (a recreational area of woods and hills, part of which is a nature reserve), has a lot of snow in winter and the playground becomes covered by snow. The minimalist artist Anders Sletvold Moe has created an all-year outdoor sculpture, consisting of a reclining object and a standing object made from black-coated steel, and joined together at a right angle. At the angle between the two objects the artist has inserted pieces of colourful plastic sheets, arranged in layers. Visually, the sculpture may be reminiscent of liquorice and the type of sweets known as liquorice allsorts. Children can sit and climb on the reclining part of the sculpture, whereas the towering presence of the standing object makes it less approachable.