Art in Ladesletta Kindergarten

Artist: Elin Aasheim. Title: ‘Bjørnen, gullfisken, muldvarpen og larva’ 2014/15. Art consultants: Ingun Myrstad, Mikkel Wettre.

A big bear has come to visit Ladesletta Kindergarten. He is standing in a corner of the sandbox; it seems he wants to play too. The bear is not sure if he is allowed to, so he is just watching carefully. Perhaps the big animal is looking out for everybody too, making sure everyone is okay. The bear is very happy there, because the children often come over and give his smooth, ceramic body hugs and cuddles. Some just admire the lovely drawings on the sculpture’s hard, smooth exterior. There is no doubt he is a kind and good-natured fellow.
Whereas there is little doubt about what the large ceramic sculpture depicts, the children can use their fantasy to conjure up meaning in the other, smaller sculptures by Elin Aasheim, made from the same material and placed in the same area by the sandbox. Are they tortoises, or are they some other strange animals? The artist gives us the answer in the title of her work: She has decided they are a goldfish, a mole and a caterpillar! However, that does not mean they do not resemble anything else as well. With their smooth, blue surfaces and flower patterns, they sure look nice, and they feel lovely to touch too.
Elin Aasheim was born in Trondheim, and for many years, she has been part of the artist community in Trafo kunstnerhus, Oslo. Trolls and fairytale creatures often feature in her work, and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she has exhibited ceramic sculptures in a number of countries.