Art in Leistad Kindergarten

Artist: Viel Bjerkeseth Andersen. Title: ‘Trude’, 2012. Art consultants: Ellen Sofie Griegel, Kjersti Berg.

What does the inside of a balloon look like? An inflated, round balloon with a tied knot? The children at Leistad Kindergarten know, because they are small enough to crawl inside, through the secret opening. Viel Bjerkeseth Andersen has created an easy-to-understand illusion and functioning fiction with her balloon sculpture outside the kindergarten’s entrance. The children walk past here several times a day, touching and stroking the hard steel surface of the soft, round object. You have to peek inside too, because there might be someone inside who knows the answer to what the adults do not know; what the balloon looks like inside, and what colour it is hiding in there (red). As well as the more obvious interpretation of the sculpture as a balloon, the artist has also thought of the possibility that it might look like a caterpillar, or a pig. So use your fantasy freely and get inside – if you are small enough! For many years now, Viel Bjerkeseth Andersen has made her mark on kindergartens, schools, institutions and public spaces in a number of Norwegian places, through a range of different media, styles and formats. In Trondheim, her art is also represented by a sculpture in the park at St. Olavs Hospital.