Art in Lidarende Kindergarten

'Opp trappen'. Artist: Liv Strand 2008. Art consultant: Gry Ulrichsen.
In Lidarende kindergarten the staff may have a lot to say on how the work of art named ‘Opp trappen’ will look and function on a day-to-day basis. The light installations in the floor and one of the walls have six different variations, and can vary in strength, intensity and energy. The theme of this original art project consists of two stairways, some circles and half-circles. The lines are made up of tiny points of light, encapsulated in green, blue, and white plastic bands which are lowered onto the terrace floor in the kindergarten and along the front of the building. The brightness of the drawings can be changed, and the light can be programmed to flash or be turned on or off at regular intervals. The art forms the basis for impulsive use on the part of the children. The installation is especially effective and useful during the dark time of the year.