Art in Moltmyra Kindergarten

Artist: Merete Morgenstierne. Title: ‘Liten elg og tre’ 2012. Art consultant: Ingun Myrstad.
Moltmyra Kindergarten has a visitor: A moose. She is big, but still just a calf. She strides over the fence on her long legs, sniffs a tree and marvels at all the sights in this moorland at the forest’s edge. Soon, a whole flock of children will be surrounding the moose, petting and stroking her, welcoming her in. From her artist’s studio at Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Merete Morgenstierne has contributed with a number of public art commissions, at kindergartens, schools and various public outdoor spaces in Trondheim. Bronze sculptures depicting animals have become her trademark, combining naturalism/realism with a fantasy world in which anything might happen. She has chosen to let the Moltmyra moose stand alone, not surrounded by a fairytale world. However, the obvious curiosity the little moose has for her surroundings gives her a human quality to which children in particular can relate.