Art in Nedre Elvehavn Kindergarten

Artists: Anna Carin Hedberg: ‘Hvit natt’ & ‘Lange farger’; Anna Carin Hedberg & Andreas Heuch: ‘Ringer på vannet’ & ‘Ut i det blå’ 2006/2009. Art consultant: Gry Ulrichsen
Fragments and impulses from the surroundings are transformed into physical objects at Nedre Elvehavn kindergarten. Geitfjellet mountain served as the point of reference for an installation created by Anna Carin Hedberg and Andreas Heuch called ‘Ringer på vannet’ (‘Ripples in water’), located in the entrance hall. From the window, Geitfjellet may be spotted to the west on the horizon. The mountain seats. The feeling that nature has entered the room is enhanced by the presence of an aquarium located in the middle of the floor. A pattern moves dynamically over the whole floor and creates space and a room for imagination for children at play. The public art in the day room consists of stained-glass paintings, jointly entitled ‘Lange farger’ (‘Long colours’). The coloured glass creates beautiful shadows on the floor and walls, suggestive of the elements that may have inspired the artist as he worked with the stained-glass painting, such as neon signs, warning beacons and Hedberg’s night photographs, for which a slow shutter speed was used. Outdoors, the joint work ‘Ut i det blå’ is a sculpture for daily use in the playground, a ‘blue mountain’ to climb and sit upon. The light sculpture ‘Hvit natt’ by Anna Carin Hedberg has also been placed outdoors. The 5 m high work of art is situated on the quayside and is thus accessible to the general public as well as being easy to see at a distance.