Art in Nedre Flatåsen Kindergarten

Artist: Jørgen Moe. Title: ‘Regnbuehagen’ 2010. Art consultant: Brit Dyrnes.

A flat, somewhat dull courtyard at Nedre Flatåsen Kindergarten is transformed into a bumpy terrain, with colourful bubbles “emerging” from the ground. The bubbles are made by ceramicist Jørgen Moe, who tells a little fairytale with each one, through bold colours and cheerful patterns. The installation invites you to lay down and let your thoughts and fantasy roam free with their own stories and images. Good fun to jump from these lumps in the asphalt too or to pretend they are deserted islands saving you from the “sea”. When the courtyard is covered in ice in winter, the ceramic bubbles take on a new and exciting air, suddenly glowing with their warm colours under a glass-like lid. The children at the Kindergarten came up with the work’s title, which means “The Rainbow Garden”. They have also named each of the bubbles; ‘Rundtogrundt’ (“Round and round”), ‘Bølge’ (“Wave”), ‘Måne’ (“Moon”), ‘Puslespill’ (“Jigsaw Puzzle”), ‘Drageøya’ (“Dragon Island”) and ‘Regnlys’ (“Rain Light”). Jørgen Moe was born in Trondheim and belonged to a group of young ceramicists from Trøndelag who became renowned under the term “Ny trønderkeramikk” (“New Trøndelag Ceramics”) in the second half of the 1990s, for using the media in untraditional ways.