Art in Nyborg Kindergarten

'Kunst'n'. Artist: Brit Dyrnes 2004. Art consultant: Bjørg Nyjordet.
The public art project at Nyborg kindergarten has been described by the staff there as a ‘piece of jewellery coming up from the tarmac’. The artist used some kind of animal body as her point of departure. The various parts of the sculpture are exciting to touch as the surfaces vary. Physically, this formation can be described as two platforms covered with multicoloured tiles. When warmed by the sun the tiles make a good place to sit, or in winter a surface to slide on. The platform consists of a water channel, and during summer the water starts running when the tap is opened. A few smooth and round stone objects are lying or standing, partly on top of and partly to the side of the platforms. The stones may also be climbed on and used for imaginative play, in addition to being identifiable as any number of animals. ‘Kunst’n’ (‘The art’) serves many purposes.