Art in Persaunet Kindergarten

Artist: Turid Uldal. Title: ‘De syv blåner’ 2010. Art consultant: Ingun Myrstad.

A large bird is hovering high up above the sandbox. It is not an eagle or another bird of prey, but a great tit made larger than life size by artist Turid Urdal from Bergen. The bird – a photo foil transfer on aluminium – is mounted at the top of an angled pole measuring 4.5 metres. The pole lifts the bird so high that the sky is reflected on its back. This mirror image of blue skies and clouds is visible from the ground if viewed at the right angle, or from a certain distance. The bird rotates with the wind, and sometimes it merges with the sky and disappears as quickly as little birds often do. With this enlarged garden bird, Uldal hints at the relative dimensions of our surroundings. What seems small to adults can seem large to children. What adults deem inconsequential might be of the utmost importance to a child, and things that are not scary to adults might be very scary and frightening to little ones. Urdal has always pondered the expressions “far out in the blue” and “far and away”, and has included elements of this bemusement in this work. The installation also includes an element on the ground; concrete blocks in a variety of shapes, painted blue. They are perfect for sitting or resting on, to look at the bird in peace and quiet, but the blocks are also great for play, with their uneven shapes and hidden crevices.