Art in Sjetne Kindergarten

'Skjønnheten og udyret'. Artists: Marit Benthe Norheim & Claus Ørntoft 2003/2004. Art consultant: Erlend Leirdal.
The Norwegian/Danish couple Marit Benthe Norheim and Claus Ørntoft, who work together as artists, have collaborated on creating a sculpture for Sjetne kindergarten which depicts a monster-like beast with a female figure coming out of its mouth. Ørntoft has sculpted the beast in reddish granite, whilst Norheim has created the ‘beauty’ of white concrete covering a construction. The beast is 180 cm long and 115 cm tall, while the beauty floats in the air, in an arc measuring almost 3.5 m. The large sculpture is an artistic contribution to the local community and both this and the art projects completed in the school playground and the local park form a comprehensive artistic attraction in the area.