Art in Skjermveien Kindergarten

'Bålplass for barn'. Artist: Marit Justine Haugen 2009. Art consultant: Marit Flåtter.
The public art project at Skjermveien kindergarten shows signs of Marit Justine Haugen’s background as an architect and visual artist. In the kindergarten, the artist has built a conically-shaped cabin with a round ground plan. The cabin is 4 m tall, and its diameter is roughly 5 m. The building material consists of pieces of wood measuring 7.6 cm x 2.5 cm and all boards are 50 cm long. Thin wood chippings have been placed between the boards, allowing regular horizontal openings in the construction. These enable sufficient light to enter the cabin. The entrance is a sliding door constructed from the same material, but with a steel frame. The interior floor is made of concrete, with a lower floor level in the middle of the hut, complete with a fireplace that the children can seat themselves around. The raised floor level also functions as a bench.