Art in Tonstad Kindergarten

Artist: Merete Morgenstierne. Title: ‘Hund med venner’ 2011. Art consultant: Ellen Reksterberg
At the highest point of the playground outside Tonstad Kindergarten there is a dog sitting with her paws held up. It is as if she is asking the children nicely if she can come play with them, whether they are sledging or just running around. And even though she just sits there, she often takes centre stage in the children’s boisterous activities, along with the other little figures in Merete Morgenstierne’s “animal universe”. Besides, the dog gives the children a sense of security; she clearly watches over them, keeping them safe. The group of sculptures include one large and three smaller creatures, from the realistic dog to more fanciful animals. The group itself becomes a playful environment, in which the children can join and be part of the narrative, the menagerie “frozen” in bronze.