Art at Fast Ferry Pier Terminal

Artists: Ståle Sørensen. Title: What does the fjord say 2015 Åsa Maria Bengtsson. Title: Rolling Carpet 2015. Art consultants: Edith Lundebrekke, Lisa Stålspets, Sune Nordgren.
Ståle Sørensen's submarine looks set to launch and departure. Get on board the yellow submarine, which boasts an exterior celebration of form and an internal engaging creativity. The sculpture, standing over 4 metres tall, resembles a modern maritime research vessel, and the public can enter it and conduct their own research on the sounds of the fjord, the harbour and the city beyond. Sounds are funnelled through periscopes on top of the sculpture, and what an exciting game it is to find out what the Trondheim Fjord has to say. The stronger the wind blows, the louder the sounds inside will appear.
Åsa Maria Bengtsson's billowing granite sculpture Rolling Carpet captures the unrest and movements of the sea. The likeness to a flying carpet is emphasised by an Oriental pattern in white on the black surface, freeing the mind and feeding the fantasy. For hundreds of years, ships have set sail from this fjord towards exotic, distant climes. Sitting or lying down on the flying carpet, you can cast loose yourself for a while, and glide across the sea. The Swedish artist envisioned this sculpture as a popular spot from which to watch the sun set in the summertime. When darkness falls, the lighting of the sculpture makes the five tonne granite block lift from its base, creating an illusion of it hovering.