Art at Klæbuveien

Artist: Edith Lundebrekke. Title: ‘Multiplex’. Art consultant: Anette Lund

Edith Lundebrekke has made use of her artistic trademark of wooden slats in many buildings and architectural commissions. In the municipal building with shared flats at Klæbuveien 209, slim colourful slats have been placed onto narrow side faces in door niches, in an otherwise white interior. All of the wall section have the same dimensions, and the vertical slat system is always the same. A variation in colours, however, both on the slats and the background, distinguishes one wall from another. A varied use of colour in each wall section also creates separate areas and patterns for each one. Edith Lundebrekke has drawn from her extensive experience working with textiles to develop this new phase of her artistic practice, exchanging the vertical and horizontal threads of fabric for lines of wood and colours. The change in media may seem like a big departure, but the connection and similarities are there – like a recurrent theme.