Art at Saupstad

Artists: Kongsvegen: Karoline Sætre, Amanda Trygg, Andreas Wallroth. Kolstadvegen/fylkesvegen: Per Ellef Eltvedt

Two pedestrian underpasses at Saupstad and Kolstad got a new lease of life in 2015, when a group of art students added a splash of colour to the underpasses’ grey concrete. The project was a collaboration between regeneration initiative Områdeløft Saupstad/Kolstad, Trondheim municipality and NTNU Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. The two underpasses are long and quite dark, which has resulted in a significant amount of graffiti tagging. However, after a thorough clean up and with the art students’ work now covering most of the surfaces, the underpasses are less likely to be subjected to random scribbles. Underneath Kongsvegen, Karoline Sætre, Amanda Trygg and Andreas Wallroth have defied the somewhat dark and dim surroundings and created a poetic oasis. Flowers, vines and vases in more or less stylised forms now adorn the walls, and little poems and musings fill sections painted in different colours. If you take the time to pause for a bit, perhaps you can hear an echo from art history in this underpass, namely the shapes and colours of Henri Matisse.

A certain connection to the same French master is also detectable in Per Ellef Eltvedt’s art in the long pedestrian underpass under the county road at Kolstad, approximately 200 metres further east. A number of simple graphic figures in different colours are painted on the walls throughout the underpass. The shapes are abstract, without obvious connotations, but with a bit of imagination they could go in many directions – as well as potentially providing an art-historical reference to Matisse’s cut-outs and murals. The project was a collaboration with pupils at Huseby Primary School.