Art at St. Olav's Pier

Artist: Hilde Angel Danielsen. Title: Upside Down 2015. Art consultants: Edith Lundebrekke, Lisa Stålspets, Sune Nordgren.

The straight angled, regular shape of the rectangle has been transformed into a soft, organic structure in Hilde Angel Danielsen's monumental installation at St. Olavs Pir. The starting point is a simple doorframe, then another one, followed by yet another, ending up in a total of 60 doorframes of the same size. Each one is attached to the next one with a marginal shift of angle, twisting the frames gradually around their own axis and creating a tube, or a peephole, towards Munkholmen and the fjord. The wind and the salty sea spray make their mark on the woodwork, making the artwork alive and ever changing. The sculptural form, however, remains a constant in its precision and perfect circular twist.
Hilde Angel Danielsen was born in Ibestad, Troms, and has been based in Bergen since 1996. She originally developed the concept for Upside Down for the 2010 Bergen International Wood Festival. The following year, she exhibited Upside Down II in Århus, Denmark. She displayed an identical sculpture, entitled Upside Down Again, in the exhibition Sculpture by the sea in Australia in 2012 and 2013. Upside Down Again was awarded the Urban Growth Peoples Choice Award at the 2014 UWS Sculpture Award and Exhibition at Western Sydney University, Australia.