Art at Tiller Øst

Artists: Vigdis Haugtrø. Title: ‘Grønn sofa’ 2016
Annika Oskarsson, Thomas Nordström. Title: ‘Kontinuum’ 2016
Mattias Härenstam. Title: ‘Pilgrim’ 2016.
Art consultants: Helen Eriksen, Kristina C. Karlsen.

Tiller Øst is a large new residential area, with a park and a network of pedestrian paths incorporated into the urban landscape. The park is inviting people to use it actively, with its green lawns, play apparatuses and modern gym equipment. The public outdoor spaces surrounding this green lung also offers room for rest, which you can do in Vigdis Haugtrø’s “green sofa”, a circular bench placed in a sheltered spot under pines, a stone wall and a tall column next to a pathway south of the park. The wall has a built-in baker’s oven, which will be kept warm by the children in the new kindergarten next door on a daily basis. Anyone can come here and bake their own bread or other bakery products!