Art at Tordenskioldsparken

Artists: Anders Krüger, Marianne Levinsen. Title: ‘Terra Incognita – Den hvite plassen’ (22. juli-monument) (Monument to 22 July) 2016. Art consultants: Annika Borg, Per Formo.

Following the terrorist attacks on the government building in Oslo and at Utøya in Buskerud on 22 July 2011, Trondheim municipality voted to create a memorial for the tragedy. Tordenskioldsparken, the area between Frimurerlogen and the Church of Our Lady, was chosen as the location for the memorial. Following a large pre-qualification, six artists/artist groups were invited to submit propositions for a final round. The six propositions were presented in an exhibition in the park, and the public could voice their opinions on them. In the autumn of 2014, the draft for ‘Terra Incognita – Den hvite plassen’ by Swedish sculptor Anders Krüger and Danish landscape architect Marianne Levinsen was chosen as the winning entry by the competition jury. ‘Terra Incognita – Den hvite plassen’ largely made use of the existing park; an open space with gravel on the ground and a large copper beech making a feature. A significant change was made by replacing the grey surface with white gravel made from marble and white stone dust, and adding large concrete “islands” to the space. The proposal included engraved words on these blocks, and a shallow pool in one of the concrete islands. The original idea of 77 lamps hanging above the white space was later reworked into 77 lights inset in the pool. The number signifies the number of casualties in the terrorist attack. During the installation work, the area is open towards Kongens gate, as the park was originally. Krüger and Levinsen’s ambition was to create a space for solidarity and reflection. The words and sentences engraved on the concrete blocks are intended to contribute to the thoughts and conversations of those who visit the park and spend some time here.