Art at Vikelvdalen, Ranheim

Artists: Marius Dahl, Jan Christensen. Title: ‘Uooo – Unexpectedoversizedordinaryobject/Uventetoverdimensjonertordinærtobjekt’ 2013. Art consultant: Leiken Vik,

Marius Dahl and Jan Christensen are the brains behind the first instalment of the art project ‘Fra drikkevann til matfat’ (“From drinking water to the table”) along the river Vikelva, inaugurated in the summer of 2013. The work is made from concrete and is shaped like an overdimensioned shopping trolley on its side, partly ashore, partly under water. Just like ancient, large-scale landscape art by foreign cultures, the artists’ outsized object can only be seen properly from the air.
The work features lines that refer directly to Cicignon’s 1681 town development plan for Trondheim. The artwork also contains a more symbolic reference to the river’s significance in the past for agriculture and industry in the area, food production and a foundation for settlements and life. The stranded shopping trolley may signify something that has been cast aside or ended – in this case that the river has lost part of its old function. However, the artwork leads the way in a new direction, with Vikelva as an immaterial resource for experiencing nature and culture.   
Moving on from an aerial and theoretical perspective, the Dahl/Christensen artwork can also be taken in up close. It is first and foremost created for physical use and movement. You can run around and play tag along the lines in the massive “drawing”, or go for a maze-like meander by the water’s edge. 
In addition to a number of collaborative public commissions, Marius Dahl and Jan Christensen both enjoy successful individual artistic careers, Dahl based in Drammen and Christensen in Oslo and Berlin.