Art by Cecilie Bridge

Hvit manns magi.Artists: Torbjørn Skårild & Martin Smidt 2005. Art consultants: Kristin Ytreberg & Grethe Fredriksen.
The sculpture on the eastern part of Cecilie Bridge was created by Torbjørn Skårild, an artist who is well known for his use of different techniques and mediums, among them animations. In addition to being a high, solid and readily visible steel construction, Hvit manns magi (White mans magic) is also a water and sound installation, with music by Martin Smidt. The sculpture has been hammered out from steel drums to make 10 different tones, triggered by water jets from 10 valves. Water is pumped up through the base of the sculpture and flows out into the river after having fulfilled its musical purpose. The sculpture is operated during the summer and is programmed to play four times an hour at irregular intervals.