Art, Floating - Flying

Artist: Geir Stormoen 1996.
Here beside Skipakrok (Ships' hook), the first harbour in Kaupangen (an early name for Trondheim) in Nidaros (then a district), was where Leiv Eiriksson, according to the saga, docked when visiting Olav Tryggvason in 999. In connection with Trondheim's millennium celebration, the TRONDOS co-op wanted to erect a monument to Leiv Eiriksson. Although based on the saga era, the monument is also intended to refer to contemporary people who are seeking the unknown. Stormoen won an open competition to make it in 1995. The artist emphasized that the aerodynamic shape of the sculpture is intended to provide associations not only with a voyage, but also with the idea of travelling in general, as well as with man’s searching nature. The main sculpture is made from a 50-tonne granite block, which is given a slightly arching shape and placed on the edge of a shallow pool, where it reflects in the surface of the water. The second part of the decoration is a simple spiral shape that may symbolize home, the point of departure for the voyage. From 1970 and for many years thereafter, Stormoen was employed at the Department of Form and Colour Studies at the university. He has made a number of decorations in Trondheim, including the ones for the university buildings at the Dragvoll campus.